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“We all exist in our own personal reality of craziness”


In my spare time, I spend too much time online and playing with the latest technology. I also enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and camping, flying airplanes, traveling to new and interesting places, random road trips, and I am always looking for new adventures.I love meeting new people with similar interest who want to create adventures.
My previous adventures have included: spending the sunset lounging on the beach of a wilderness island watching packs of wild horses gallop up and down the beach; canoe on a 10 day wilderness adventure in the northern tier; drove a car from Los Angeles to Akron following old Route 66; herded cattle on a ranch in Colorado; been in a traffic jam on the M1 in England on my way to spend the night in a castle; had my picture on the front page of USA Today, in the New York Times and dozens of other papers; talked to the President of the USA on the phone; played Charades in the Ohio Governors Mansion with the Governors family; managed political campaigns with a 100% win rate; been backpacking in the Grand Tetons and Appalachian mountains; rappelled off a cliff; gone white water rafting; gambled in Las Vegas and won money; been deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico; visited Area 51 in the Nevada desert, but didn’t see any UFO’s; been the guest of the Bahamas government flying by private airplane touring many of the islands and experiencing the local culture.


“Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do.”


I pride myself on my versatility in the technology industry


I’m a self-starting innovator who is a goal-driven professional with a proven ability and general passion for information technology. Enthusiastic about making technology work for people while thinking outside the box and finding creative ways to solve problems and develop effective solutions.  I have proven experience with implementing technology in the areas manufacturing, financial services, transportation, and logistics while integrating technology in all areas of business and commerce.
I started entrepreneurial ventures when I was 7 years old going door to door selling random rocks I collected in my yard. I offered them for 10 cents a piece or two for a quarter. I only managed to sell two – for a quarter.
Throughout my life, I’ve spent many days working with my father, a successful attorney based in Akron, Ohio. There I gained a great work ethic and extensive experience in the law.  While in high school and working part time in my father’s law office, I consulted businesses and professionals (mainly accountants, lawyers, and doctors) on their I/T needs and fixing their computer systems. At this point, all of my I/T experience was self-taught.
I attended the University of Akron where I focused on Business Management, Information Systems, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Business Law. While attending college, I came up with a business concept of a cyber cafe. I opened the Hard Drive Cafe, one of the first cybercafes in the USA, in the summer of 1997. I sold it five years later and returned to consulting and then moved to Columbus to take on various roles in the I/T industry.
I have worked with and consulted hundreds of companies, from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, on their information technology needs.  I have also started up or been part of many start-ups and businesses. Everything from retail kiosks in malls, electronic music events, a record label, Electronics suppliers, fund raising organizations for non-profits, vinyl decal manufacturing and much more. Most were grown and sold or merged into other businesses.
My work experience and technical resume is available upon request.


My favorite thing in the world is a good adventure, which helps explain why I’ve fallen in love with entrepreneurship

I have had a chance to be a part of some great organizations. I try to give back more than I receive from any organization I am a part of.


My current memberships and honors include:


Member Microsoft ITAC (IT Advisory Council)
Member Intel Premier IT Professionals
Boy Scouts of America – Eagle Scout
Member Adoniram Lodge, Free & Accepted Masons of Ohio, 32nd Degree
International Order of DeMolay – Chevalier Award
FAA Licensed Airplane Pilot
Member Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)
Lifetime Member of Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)
FCC Licensed Amateur Radio Operator (KB8KTC)
Winning Habitudes - 99 Habits and Attitudes of Leaders, Visionaries and Achievers

Our never-ending quest towards self-improvement and success is a long journey of small steps. Habits we repeat day after day, week after week, year after year. Habits that have turned us into who we are today that will also determine who we will become in the future and the success we will have. This goes for all our habits, the good ones, as well as the bad ones, from working out and reading books to smoking and drinking.


This book focuses on the positive habits (or as author Leonard Mack called them – Habitudes), “Winning Habitudes” that have the potential to turn us into better and more successful people, and that can truly transform our lives.


The habits and life lessons are presented from great people such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, John D Rockefeller, William Shakespeare, and John F Kennedy. Advice from some of the greatest and most inspiring people to have ever stepped foot on this planet is compiled together in a simple way that can help you apply it to your daily life.


Inspirational political leaders like Benjamin Franklin or Sir Winston Churchill, emperors like Caesar or Napoleon, powerful business icons like Sir Richard Branson, or incredible athletes like Michael Jordan and LeBron James all have Winning Habitudes they perform daily. All of them are part of an elite group of highly successful people. All of them got there by cultivating little habits and attitudes that they repeated over and over again. Little habits and attitudes – Habitudes – that don’t require any special talent, only motivation, will power, and discipline. You will find inspiration and motivational guidance to be successful in Winning Habitudes – 99 Habits and Attitudes of Leaders, Visionaries, and Achievers.


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